Hygiene and Environmental Health: 19.  Liquid Waste Management

Study Session 19  Liquid Waste Management


In general, in Ethiopia the management of liquid waste is poor. In the previous study session, you were introduced to the concepts and principles of waste management. In this session, you will learn the definitions of key terms in liquid waste management. You will also identify the types and sources of liquid waste and learn about the different liquid waste disposal methods. We will also consider the issues to be taken into account when choosing sanitation technologies.

  • Do you remember the definition of sanitation used in Study Session 1?

  • Sanitation was defined as the prevention of contact between humans and waste.

According to the World Health Organization, sanitation generally refers to the provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human urine and faeces. It therefore means much the same as liquid waste management. Sanitation methods aim to decrease the spread of disease by ensuring that wastewater, excreta and other wastes are adequately treated. This session will help you to respond to the sanitation needs of families and institutions.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 19