4.5.3  Type and size of rooms

Rooms for sleeping (bedroom), eating meals (dining room or salon) and storage (store room) are important (Figures 4.2 and 4.3). Sleeping rooms for children and adults should be separate if possible. Animal sheds and kitchen must not be part of the main rooms (sleeping and salon), but should be placed outside. Partitions should be used to create separate areas within the house although in a traditional tukul, it is not possible to have partitions that reach up to the ceiling. Based on the available literature, the space requirements are as follows:

  • a living room (dining room or salon) 3–5 m2 per person
  • bedroom(s) at 5–6 m2 per person, with a minimum room area of 8–12 m2
  • a kitchen (greater than or equal to 7 m2)
  • a store (5 m2).
2  Traditional tukul
Figure 4.2  Traditional tukul: front view and floor plan.
A housing unit with corrugated iron sheet roof
Figure 4.3  A housing unit with corrugated iron sheet roof and its floor plan.

4.5.2  Size of housing

4.5.4  Windows