5.8  Mill house hygiene and sanitation

You can find a mill house in almost every kebele. The basic principles of healthful housing are also applicable in mill house sanitation. The location of the mill house should not be a source of nuisance to the community such as from noise, flour dust and wastes. There must be adequate light and natural ventilation at the workplace. The provision of latrines, drinking water and waste management (solid and liquid waste) is important. The presence of handwashing and shower facilities is important for personal hygiene of the workers. Floor and walls should be easy to clean. The installation of an exhaust pipe for waste flour is necessary.

The safety of workers must be maintained through the proper guarding of machines, provision of personal protective devices (head cover, goggles, boots, ear plugs or muffs, working clothes).

5.7  Religious institutions

5.9  Planning for the improvement of institutional hygiene and sanitation