6.6.3  Use of chemicals

Chemical insecticides can be used for the destruction of adults and larvae of insects. Commonly used chemicals are DDT, malathion and pyrethrums. Pyrethrum-containing aerosols are used for the destruction of cockroaches and flies in our homes (Figure 6.10). Rodenticides can be used to kill rats and mice. The indiscriminate use of these chemicals, however, could have undesired health effects on users and domestic animals. Extreme care should be taken during the application and storage of chemicals. It is always important to look at the instructions for using the chemical. Environmental health workers and veterinary technicians may be able to assist in the use of chemicals against vectors.

Insect killer chemical insecticide and fly swat
Figure 6.10  Insect killer chemical insecticide and fly swat. (Photo: Abera Kumie)

6.6.2  Physical measures

6.6.4  Biological methods