8.4.1  Microbial food contamination

Prevention of microbiological (often abbreviated to ‘microbial’) contamination is an important function in food preparation, as summarised in Box 8.1.

Box 8.1  Avoiding microbial food contamination

Food handlers should follow these strategies:

  • Thorough handwashing before and during food preparation, especially after using the toilet, and handling raw food or waste.
  • Soap/ash sanitiser and clean water should be available for handwashing at convenient locations.
  • Sick food handlers should not prepare food! One sick person can cause a foodborne disease outbreak, particularly where people are in crowded or unsanitary living conditions.
  • Raw and cooked foods should be separated, because raw foods are a source of microorganisms and can recontaminate prepared foods.

8.4  Avoiding food contamination

8.4.2  Chemical contamination of food