11.1  What is a food and drink establishment?

Food and drink establishments provide food and drink services to a relatively large number of users in the form of breakfast, lunch, dinner or beverages. Formal food and drink establishments are authorised to practise this service after being licensed by the local authorities. There also exist a number of informal food and drink establishments that provide a service without much interference from the local government. Food and drink establishments have a responsibility to provide safe food and drink to the consumers. The consumers have the right to demand safe food. If food is not prepared and handled in hygienic conditions, it spreads foodborne disease that could affect a large number of people at a time.

The local government (kebele) takes actions to ensure the hygienic functioning of these establishments on behalf of the public. The Ethiopian Regional and National hygiene and environmental health regulations can be exercised in the kebele by the presence of an appropriate expert who is authorised to enforce them. As a Health Extension Practitioner you can make a link with this authority through regular reporting to ensure that the necessary actions are taken to maintain safe practice.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 11

11.2  Categories of food and drink establishments