11.3.7  Kitchen and food preparation site

The space and layout of the kitchen must be appropriate to accommodate the food preparation and kitchen processes. There must be separate sections for raw food preparation and handling cooked food.

  • Why is it important to keep cooked and raw food separate?

  • The raw food will contaminate the cooked food if they touch each other.

The presence of a window and a chimney is essential in order to manage the indoor air pollution that is caused by biomass fuel burning.

The presence of facilities for washing hands and kitchenware is mandatory in a kitchen. Proper shelves for physically separating soiled and cleaned items are also a necessity.

The proper handling of kitchen refuse and liquid waste controls the spread of infestation and food contamination. Food scraps and leftovers must be placed in a covered container. The floor and tables need to be cleaned frequently during the processes of food preparation and cooking.

11.3.6  Waste management

11.3.8  Cleaning dishes, drinking utensils and cutlery