11.3.9  Maintaining hygienic kitchen equipment

All surfaces that come into contact with food should be constructed of appropriate materials and be well-maintained, for example, wooden boards must be smooth and metal tables should be plain and not corrugated. Any surface that is cracked, scored or has an irregular surface is difficult to clean and may harbour dirt. Chopping and cutting blocks for preparing meat or vegetables must be kept clean and covered. All utensils and equipment must be protected from possible contaminants including dust, dirt, insects, rodents and overhead drips. Equipment and food containers should be made of materials with no toxic effect and be designed to ensure that they can be easily cleaned, sanitised and maintained.

Surfaces such as chairs and tables that do not normally come into contact with food should also be clean and in good repair. Always use clean cloths to cover tables and change them whenever necessary.

11.3.8  Cleaning dishes, drinking utensils and cutlery

11.3.10  Storing and serving foods