11.5.1  What is the purpose of the inspection?

Sanitary inspection is a set of activities concerned with the preservation of public health and the investigation of environmental hazards in food establishments. Sanitary inspection aims to investigate and detect:

  • Food spoilage and its sources.
  • Food contamination and its sources.
  • Provision for hygienic procedures (dish and handwashing, food storage).
  • Provision of sanitary facilities (latrine, water, shower, handwashing).
  • The proper location of the establishment.
  • The hygienic practice of food handlers.
  • Proper waste management (storage, collection and disposal).
  • The presence of vectors.

Sanitary inspections are carried out for two reasons: first, to provide education and advice to the owners, and second, for the purpose of providing a licence if you are asked to do so in the absence of the woreda environmental health worker.

11.5  Sanitary inspection in food and drink establishments

11.5.2  When to inspect