11.5.2  When to inspect

There must be a baseline survey of food and drink establishments using a survey checklist. Appendix 11.1 (at the end of this study session) is an example of the sort of surveillance form you could use for your survey. The survey result must enable you to classify the food establishments by hygienic status and to set priorities for inspection. The number of food establishments in your kebele determines the workload of the inspection. You do not have to inspect tela bet and areki bet, as noted above, because of their lower hazard level. Each food establishment should be inspected at least once every year. However, since the number of food and drink establishments in the kebele setting is probably low, often less than ten, then inspecting each four times a year should be possible.

11.5.1  What is the purpose of the inspection?

11.5.3  Informing the owners about the sanitary inspection