11.5.6  Concluding the sanitary inspection

Discuss your findings with the owner, and explain what hazards and unacceptable hygienic practice you have found. Please also point out what is good. Explain clearly your suggestions for improvement and the urgency of the timescale. It is important that you educate and persuade the owner to implement your advice. Tell the owner that you may revisit the food establishment in future to check what has been improved. You need to keep all the inspection reports for future reference and you should report to the kebele and woreda offices if improvement is not achieved after repeated efforts.

Activity 11.1  Sanitary inspection in practice

Sanitary inspection needs proper planning in terms of the purpose, timing, date and what to inspect. You need to know the sanitary requirements of the food establishments you want to inspect. At your next inspection, use an inspection checklist or survey questionnaire, which as you have seen is the basic tool for data collection. In addition, check for yourself that you can carry out the inspection in a methodical way. Did you find the checklist helpful?

11.5.4  How and what to inspect

Summary of Study Session 11