Self-Assessment Questions (SAQs) for Study Session 11

Now that you have completed this study session, you can assess how well you have achieved its Learning Outcomes by answering these questions. Write your answers in your Study Diary and discuss them with your Tutor at the next Study Support Meeting. You can check your answers with the Notes on the Self-Assessment Questions at the end of this Module.

SAQ 11.1 (tests Learning Outcomes 11.1 and 11.2)

Match the following food and drink establishments with the services provided.

Type of establishment Service offered
Tea houseTibs for lunch
RestaurantPlain bread or chornake
HotelRaw meat


SAQ Answer

SAQ 11.2 (tests Learning Outcomes 11.1, 11.3 and 11.6)

You are planning to do a sanitary inspection on a tea house. Outline the main areas of your inspection.


There are several important points to consider when conducting an inspection: condition of buildings, cleanliness of food handling areas, personal hygiene of food handlers, waste disposal, and of course sanitary and washing facilities. You should inspect all of these, but depending on what you find (or what you found if you have inspected this establishment before), you may wish to focus particularly on any one of these if there is a cause for concern.

SAQ 11.3 (tests Learning Outcomes 11.4 and 11.6)

List the components of personal hygiene that need to checked during your inspection of the tea house, and describe the procedures you would use to check them.


The points you should check with the food handlers are:

  • hair hygiene and hair cover
  • use of apron, gown or overalls
  • fingernail hygiene
  • hand hygiene
  • presence of active infections.

The first two items could be checked simply by looking from a distance. You would have to examine the food handler’s hands closely to assess the condition of their hands and fingernails, and you should check with them (by interview) that they wash their hands before handling food and after any interruption. To check for active infections you need to look closely at their skin, and check for eye, ear or nose discharges. Can you see or hear them sneezing or coughing? During your interview with them, ask them whether they have diarrhoea, and whether they understand that if they have any infections they should not be handling food.

SAQ 11.4 (tests Learning Outcome 11.5)

During your inspection of the tea house, you learn that at busy times they are catering for more than 50 people. What sanitary facilities must be available?


The sanitary facilities that should be available for the staff are a handwashing station, latrine, shower and clothes changing cabinet. Additionally there should be one handwashing station and latrine for every 30 clients. Since the tea house can have 50 or more clients at busy times there should be two latrines and handwashing stations. It is better to have separate men’s and women’s facilities.

Summary of Study Session 11

Appendix 11.1