12.2.2  Hygiene in the butcher’s shop

Butcher’s shops are the link between the inspected and approved safe meat, and meat products and the consumer. Therefore the hygienic practices used for handling meat in these shops determine the health of the meat consumer. For this reason, butcher’s shops need licences to operate, confirming that they meet all the handling specifications that ensure the safety of the meat. For example, the licensed premises must have adequate working space. The walls and floor should be constructed of durable material and be smooth, impermeable, easily cleanable and light-coloured. There should be adequate ventilation and natural light. The utensils should be clean and kept in an appropriate place. The butcher should wear a clean white gown, preferably with an apron and a white hair cover (Figure 12.5). Importantly, an approved means for the disposal of meat waste should be provided inside or outside the butchery.

Butcher wearing a clean, white gown
Figure 12.5  The butcher wears a clean, white gown. (Photo: Zegeye Hailemariam)
  • Suggest why waste meat needs to be disposed of carefully.

  • The waste will attract insects, rodents and other animals, increasing the risk of contaminating the shop and its surroundings.

12.2  Meat hygiene

12.2.3  Meat preservation methods