12.2.3  Meat preservation methods

As noted above, meat is highly perishable, so it must be preserved properly. One way of doing this is to chill the meat in a refrigerator. Temperatures for refrigeration of meat should be lower than the usually recommended 10ºC and should be below 7ºC for carcasses and below 3ºC for offal. For long-term storage, meat should be frozen. However, since most rural people do not have a refrigerator or freezer, they should use traditional preserving methods.

  • You learned in Study Session 10 about some meat preservation methods used in rural communities in Ethiopia. What are they?

  • Common methods are smoking, salting and drying to prepare quanta.

12.2.2  Hygiene in the butcher’s shop

12.2.4  Your role in controlling tapeworm infection