Summary of Study Session 20

In Study Session 20, you have learned that:

  1. Pit latrines with slab, VIP latrines and ecological sanitation systems are all types of improved sanitation facility.
  2. Pit latrines consist of a pit, slab and superstructure. The slab is essential to separate waste from the people using it. The superstructure ensures privacy; it can be constructed of many different locally available materials.
  3. Latrines must be sited with due consideration of the type of rock/soil, the location of water sources, the location of houses and the wind direction.
  4. VIP latrines are better than simple pit latrines because the vent pipe reduces smells and flies.
  5. Ecological sanitation systems, also known as ecosan systems, have the added benefit of producing useful compost material that can be spread on fields as fertiliser.
  6. Arborloo, with one pit, and Fossa Alterna, with two pits, are two types of ecosan system.
  7. Water carriage systems such as WCs, pour-flush latrines and aqua privies have some advantages over dry systems but they require a regular water supply and are more expensive.
  8. Handwashing facilities are essential for use with all types of latrine. They can be easily constructed from simple materials.
  9. You can help families and others by providing advice on siting and choice of latrine.

20.7  Your role in latrine construction

Self-Assessment Questions (SAQs) for Study Session 20