20.3.1  Constructing a VIP latrine

As it is based on a simple pit latrine, we will discuss only the improved features of VIP latrines. The vent pipe should have an internal diameter of 110–150 mm and reach more than 300 mm above the highest point of the superstructure. The vent works better in windy areas but where there is not much wind its effectiveness can be improved by painting the pipe black. This makes the vent pipe warmer and the heat difference between the pit (cool) and the vent (warm) creates an updraft that pulls the air and odours up and out of the pit. To test the efficacy of the ventilation, a small, smoky fire can be lit in the pit; the smoke should be pulled up and out of the vent pipe and not remain in the pit or the superstructure. The mesh size of the fly screen must be large enough to prevent clogging with dust and allow air to circulate freely. Aluminum screens with a holesize of 1.2–1.5 mm have proved to be the most effective.

20.3  Ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrine

20.3.2  Maintenance of VIP latrines