20.7  Your role in latrine construction

Your role is to promote latrine construction by giving advice and encouragement to people in your community to install or improve sanitation systems. In Section 19.4 of Study Session 19 we discussed some of the general principles to be considered when choosing sanitation technologies. This study session has provided further details about the different types of latrine. Figure 20.11 is a decision tree that has been designed to help you answer questions from households such as ‘what type of latrine/toilet can I construct?’ Start with the question at the top left corner and follow the arrows according to the answers. Be aware this is only an outline guide that summarises the key points.

As part of the process of latrine construction, you can help develop skills in your local area. With the help of district health offices, you should be encouraging local artisans and entrepreneurs to create a sanitary service chain of, for example, prefabricated slabs. You can also promote training of local people on proper latrine construction techniques, especially for improved types of latrine. You can also assist with training of model family household members in your community. Although they may not be common in rural Ethiopia, you should also be familiar with the concepts in higher level sanitation facilities such as water carried systems because you may be involved in advising households that want to upgrade their facilities up the sanitation ladder, step by step. Whichever type of latrine is used, your role is to promote good sanitation and hygiene wherever possible.

Decision tree for latrine options
Figure 20.11  Decision tree for latrine options.

20.6  Handwashing facilities

Summary of Study Session 20