Learning Outcomes for Study Session 21

When you have studied this session, you should be able to:

21.1  Define and use correctly all of the key words printed in bold. (SAQ 21.1)

21.2  Identify various factors that affect the utilisation of latrines and handwashing facilities. (SAQ 21.2)

21.3  Describe ways of motivation used to enhance latrine utilisation. (SAQ 21.2)

21.4  Explain to selected model families, how to share their experiences of latrine utilisation to others. (SAQ 21.3)

21.5  Describe some approaches to community behaviour change. (SAQ 21.4)

21.6  List the tools used to conduct baseline surveys and regular inspections of latrine utilisation. (SAQ 21.5)

Study Session 21  Latrine Utilisation – Changing Attitudes and Behaviour

21.1  Benefits of hygiene and sanitation behaviour change