23.3.7  Waste storage

Some waste may need to be stored carefully onsite until such time as it can be disposed of appropriately. The guidelines for healthcare waste storage that you should follow are:

Biological hazard symbol
Figure 23.2  Biological hazard symbol.
  • A specified place in each room where waste is generated for placing bags, bins or containers.
  • Separate central storage facilities for yellow bags should be provided with clear indication that no other materials be stored there.
  • No waste shall be stored for more than two days before being treated or disposed of. (This does not include safety boxes, where filled boxes can be kept locked up for up to one week if no onsite incinerator is available.)
  • The universal biological hazard symbol (Figure 23.2) should be posted on the storage door and on waste containers.

23.3.6  Packing healthcare wastes before disposal

23.4  Methods of healthcare waste treatment and disposal