Non-Communicable Diseases, Emergency Care and Mental Health Module: 5. Cataracts, Eye and Ear Injuries

Study Session 5 Cataracts, Eye and Ear Injuries


The eye and ear are special organs of the human body that are designed to detect information about the world around us. Any impairment of function in these two organs is experienced as a big problem, particularly by people in rural communities. But this does not always mean that people with eye or ear problems are totally disabled and cannot contribute anything to help themselves or the community at large. Difficulties in seeing or hearing can seriously interfere with normal daily life, but you can help by organising some form of rehabilitation for affected people and their families. (Study Session 16 of this Module is on community-based rehabilitation).

In this study session you will learn about the basic anatomy of the eye, how the eye functions, what cataract means, and the common manifestations of cataract. You will also be learning how to deal with common types of eye and ear injuries, and how to provide emergency care for these problems.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 5