Non-Communicable Diseases, Emergency Care and Mental Health Module: 18. Prevention and Promotion Activities for Mental Health

Study Session 18  Prevention and Promotion Activities for Mental Health


This study session will cover mental health promotion and the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of mental illness. Mental health promotion and prevention involves (1) educating the community about mental illness; (2) screening for mental illnesses as you conduct your house-to-house visits; (3) telling people about ways that they can reduce their risk of developing a mental illness. Preventive activities for people who already have a mental illness can help to reduce the negative impact of their condition and can reduce the risk of suicide. The response of the community to issues of mental illness can be very important in improving (or making worse) the quality of life experienced by those suffering from mental illness. We conclude this study session by looking at the negative effects of stigma and discrimination, the abuse of mentally ill people, and what you can do to mobilise your community to try to solve these problems.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 18