Non-Communicable Diseases, Emergency Care and Mental Health Module: 14. Substance Use Problems

Study Session 14  Substance Use Problems


In this study session, we use the term ‘substance’ to mean any drug, both legal (e.g. alcohol, tobacco) and illegal (e.g. cannabis) that can cause dependence.

Throughout history human beings have used substances to alter their state of mind. Substances can alter thoughts, emotions, sleep, appetite and social interactions. They are also used to relieve pain and tension. There are a wide range of substances used, and the number of people using substances has increased alarmingly in recent years. In many countries, including Ethiopia, substance-related problems are a major public health concern. It is important that steps are taken at the community level to prevent the increasing problem of substance use.

In this session you will learn about commonly used substances in Ethiopia, their effects, early recognition, referral and treatment, and what can be done to prevent people using substances.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 14