19.7  Community-based rehabilitation (CBR)

Community health centres are often the first point of contact for persons with disabilities and their families seeking healthcare. In addition, in some regions, Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programmes provide home-based support to parents and children with disabilities as well as to older people with disabilities. Currently, these CBR programmes are primarily run by the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that belong to the CBR Network in Ethiopia (CBRNE).

Non-governmental organisations (or NGOs) are non-profit-making organisations that are not part of the government. Examples of NGOs active in Ethiopia include UNICEF and AMREF.

You can support CBR activities by finding out about impairments among children in your locality, focusing on the early identification of impairments, and providing basic interventions to children, youth and adults with impairments. As noted in Section 19.6.2, you can also facilitate links between individuals with impairments and specialised services.

19.6.2  Disability-specific programmes and services

19.8  UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities