How to complete the course quizzes

Guide to completing the quizzes

When you start a quiz you’ll see an information page that lists learning outcomes. Under this there is a statement reminding you that you can have only one attempt at submitting your answers to the quiz (except in quiz 1). You can have between 1 and 3 tries at each question within the quiz, and you can see the number of tries you have left at the top left corner of the question page.

Quiz information page
Figure 2 Quiz information page

The next page is an explanation of how to find your way around the quizzes. You can click through to view questions without having to answer them, using the navigation panel on the left of the screen.

Quiz navigation
Figure 3 Quiz navigation

Each question starts on a new page and has instructions on how to tackle it. There are different types of question: choosing from a drop-down list as in the example below; dragging and dropping answers into boxes; and multiple-choice questions.

If you click on ‘Check’ you’ll be checking to see whether your answers are correct. Most questions will give you some feedback and, if you need to, suggest you try again up to the number of goes you’re allowed.

If you click on ‘Next’ you’ll move on to the next question. You can leave a question unanswered or partially answered and come back to it later. However, you’ll see that completing one question can help you tackle the next one.

Sample quiz question
Figure 4 Sample quiz question

When you get to the final question, clicking on ‘Next’ brings up the quiz summary screen and an opportunity to submit your answers and complete the quiz for that session.

The Status column shows whether you’ve completed a question or whether you can have another go. You might not have completed all the questions, so you might want to go back and have another go.

The Marks column shows you how many marks you’ve achieved for each question so you can monitor your progress.

Summary of attempt
Figure 5 Summary of attempt

Once you’re happy that you’ve completed all the questions and/or used up all your goes you can click on ‘Submit all and finish’. You can only do this once for each of sessions 2–5, so it is important to be sure that you’ve done the best you can on each quiz.

Submit answers
Figure 6 Submit answers

Once you’ve submitted your answers you’ll see a summary of your achievement in this quiz, which will indicate whether you’re on track to pass the course and gain your badge. Once you have reviewed your answers you should return to the course by clicking on the ‘return to Reflecting on Transitions’ link.

When you get to the end of the course and have successfully achieved the completion criteria your course badge will be issued.

How your Reflecting on Transitions badge is issued