Session 5: Identifying my next steps and where I can find information and support


Man and woman looking at document and working on a calculator
Figure 5.1

You have been looking at how to start working towards your goals, and how you can help yourself. You now have an idea of where you want to get to and what difficulties there might be. You also know what aspects of your life might help you. We all need some help in getting to where we want to be in life. Are there people you know who can also help you and support you: family members, friends, fellow students, work colleagues or people you have met through organisations you have had contact with or activities you have taken part in?

Look at the spider diagram in Figure 5.2, which shows who helped Mo to achieve his aims.

Spidergram graphic depicting Mo’s network of support
Figure 5.2 Sample spider diagram

Now listen to Mo’s story and about the help he received.

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Your support and next steps