What I’ve learned from my past experience

In the next activity we’d like you to think about your past experiences and try to identify what you have learned from them.

Activity 2.3 Learning from my experience

Timing: You should spend around 15 minutes on this activity.

Look at your own timeline again and think about what you have learned from your experience. Looking over the ups and downs, does it help you to recall how you felt at each point? What did you learn from each situation? Perhaps you found out more about your individual qualities and the type of work that suits you: a quality such as ‘hard working’, ‘good-humoured’ or ‘resilient’, perhaps? Or maybe you discovered that you need a change of direction?

Everyone’s experience will be different. There is no right or wrong answer.

We can see that learning is ongoing throughout our lives, through the ups and the downs.

Add your thoughts on this to your timeline in a different colour – you can find out how to do this on the bubbl.us [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] help section. If you prefer not to use this online tool, or don’t have access to the internet, don’t worry – pen and paper will do just as well. You can use the sheet provided.


Go to Activity 2.3 in your Reflection Log. Once you have completed your activity, make sure you save the document again.

If you are working in a group, either online or face to face, you can share this with your group or save it and share it online, by saving the timeline as an image file and posting it to an online forum or via social media.

Learning from experience

Looking backwards, looking forwards