Session 5: Identifying my next steps and where I can find information and support


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Figure 5.1

You have been looking at how to start working towards your goals, and how you can help yourself. You now have an idea of where you want to get to and what difficulties there might be. You also know what aspects of your life might help you. We all need some help in getting to where we want to be in life. Are there people you know who can also help you and support you – family members, friends, work colleagues, carers’ centre staff or others?

Listen to Alana describe the support she gets from the Young Adult Carers’ scheme at NEWCIS, her local carers’ centre.

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Support-wise, I have…well, we come out once a month with Adult Young Carers. If you need the help, it is here. I do have at the moment… I do meet one of the workers of Young Adult Carers outside and we meet once a week to talk because at the moment the situation isn’t good at home. It is helpful that support because if I didn’t have that support I don’t think I’d be here because it’s…it’s just…it’s hard. Life is really, really hard.
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Look at the spider diagram in Figure 5.2, which shows Claire’s support network.

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Figure 5.2 Claire’s support network


Now look at Suzanne’s support network.

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Figure 5.3 Suzanne’s support network

Your support and next steps