1.7 How old are people when they get Parkinson’s?

The risk of developing Parkinson’s increases with age. Most people get Parkinson’s aged 50 or over , and men are more often affected than women. However, in some cases, Parkinson’s is diagnosed before the age of 50 – this is known as young onset Parkinson’s.

If Parkinson’s is diagnosed before the age of 21, it is known as juvenile Parkinson’s, although this is rare.

These statistics emphasise the importance of considering what stage a person with Parkinson’s is at, rather than their age when you’re assessing their care needs. For example, you may find that you’re caring for a very elderly person and a much younger person who are at the same stage in their condition.

1.6 How many people have Parkinson’s?

1.8 How is Parkinson’s diagnosed?