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PhasePercentage of people with Parkinson’s in this phaseAverage length in yearsCharacterService considerations could include:
Complex (advanced)33.6%4.9Aim is optimal symptom controlAs above

Complex (advanced)

This is the point when you are most likely to come into contact with a person with Parkinson’s in your workplace, so this is the phase we are focusing on in this course. In the complex phase of Parkinson’s, the main issue is symptom control. People’s medication regimen will be altered frequently to meet the changing nature of the condition. People with Parkinson’s in this stage of the condition are likely to be taking a large number of medications and experiencing significant side effects.

People will be finding activities of daily living difficult to manage at this stage. It is very likely that many will have to give up a number of hobbies or leisure activities that they have previously enjoyed.

Although the condition progresses differently and at a different speed for each person, the advanced stage can potentially cover a long period of time.