The healthcare assistant role


Welcome to Introducing practical healthcare, where you start exploring the role of a healthcare assistant. Once completed, you will have the opportunity to obtain the ʿhealthcare assistant roleʾ badge. This section will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

In this section you will be focusing on the principles of care practice, and what might be involved in the role of a healthcare assistant, by considering your job responsibilities and why caring is so important. This section will also consider the importance of looking after yourself within the role. More importantly, you will think about your personal learning within the healthcare domain, and how recording your training and development can help you become more reflective in your work. Learning from your own experiences will help you to do things better every time. There are a number of activities to help you along the way, where you reflect on what you have been learning within this section and how you can apply these new skills and knowledge in practice. You will also consider a couple of real-life case studies of healthcare assistants who demonstrate their common daily activities.

Learning outcomes