7.3.1  Domestic sources

Domestic sources of pollution include toilets, latrines and wastewater from kitchens and bathrooms. If these wastes are properly contained and prevented from getting into the environment, they will not cause pollution. However, frequently this is not the case. Open defecation obviously releases human waste into the environment, which can then be washed into rivers and other surface waters.

  • What types of organic waste are produced by a typical household?

  • The organic wastes from domestic sources include human excreta and also food waste and other kitchen waste such as cooking oil residues.

Solid wastes from households and also from shops, markets and businesses include food waste, packaging materials and other forms of rubbish. Domestic sources are also responsible for gaseous pollutants in the form of smoke and carbon dioxide from domestic fires.

7.3  Sources of pollution

7.3.2  Industry