Study Session 4  The Water Cycle and Sources of Water


Water is a valuable natural resource that is found in different forms in the environment. It is important to understand how water moves through the environment so that we can understand how to manage it successfully. Fresh water is finite and vulnerable. Supplying sufficient clean, fresh water is one of the most vital natural resource issues facing humanity. Water shortages are becoming a global issue, due to an increasing population, economic growth and climate change. A lack of clean, fresh water can hinder the efforts to reduce poverty and progress national development, resulting in poor health, low productivity, food insecurity and restricted economic development.

In this study session you will learn about the hydrological cycle. You will learn about where fresh water is found, the types of water sources that people use and how important it is to select suitable water sources. Finally, you will look at the increasing demands on supplies of fresh water.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 4