15.7.2  Environmental Impact Assessment Proclamation (No. 299/2002)

This proclamation follows the principles of the international agreement on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that you read about in Study Session 14. Major development projects that are likely to damage the environment (physical and social) are expected to have an EIA that identifies hazards and possible damage so that they can be mitigated during the project development. The proclamation outlines the duties of the proponent (developer) and specifies the details that must be included in the assessment and the impact study report (FDRE, 2002a). Approximately 30 EIAs are produced at the federal level each year, which is relatively low compared to other countries, but most EIAs happen at the regional level (SIDA, 2013).

15.7.1  Environmental Policy of Ethiopia (EPE)

15.7.3  Environmental Pollution Control Proclamation (No. 300/2002)