5.6.1  Pour-flush toilets

The problems of flies and smells in latrines can be overcome by using a toilet pan with a water seal (Figures 5.15 and 5.16). The shape of the toilet pan is designed with a bend in the outlet pipe. Water remains in the bend at all times and creates a ‘water seal’. Pour-flush toilets use this system. After defecation, 1.5–2 litres of water is poured (using a small container) into the toilet pan to move the wastes along. This system is popular where people traditionally use water for anal cleansing, and where water is readily available. Pour-flush toilets can be located inside the house, since the water seal prevents bad odours and insect nuisance.

Figure 5.15  Basic components of a pour-flush toilet, showing the water seal.
Figure 5.16  A pour-flush toilet. Water is stored in the white bucket and the blue jug is used for pouring water in after use.

5.6 Water-flushed systems

5.6.2 Cistern-flush toilet