Study Session 7  Solid Waste: Sources, Composition and On-site Storage


This is the first of five study sessions that focus on solid waste management. A solid waste management system consists of a chain of linked processes. The chain begins with the generation of the waste, which is the subject of this study session. In Study Session 8 we will look at waste reduction, reuse and recycling (the ‘3 Rs’) and Study Session 9 is about collecting the remaining wastes. Study Sessions 10 and 11 cover the ways of disposing of this remaining waste.

Good management of solid waste is one of the most important ways of protecting our health. Before we can design a waste management service and monitor its effectiveness we need detailed information on the waste itself. For each type of waste produced we need to know the quantities generated, where the waste is generated and its composition.

In this study session you will learn about the types of solid wastes generated from different sources (mainly domestic, industrial and commercial), and the amounts produced. This session will also enable you to advise householders on how to store solid wastes in such a way as to minimise the risk to people in their homes.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 7