6.2.3 Hand-operated pumps

Even the Vacutug cannot get everywhere. The Sludge Gulper, like the one shown in Figure 6.3, is an example of a smaller hand-operated pump. These can be taken to pit latrines that are inaccessible to larger pumps. It is a simple design consisting of a PVC pipe containing two valves and can be built using locally available materials. The sludge is pumped up by hand, collected in a container and taken away for disposal. Care is needed to ensure that the operator and other helpers do not come into contact with the sludge and that it is not spilled.

Figure 6.3 Hand-operated sludge pump. The pump is located over the pit and the operator (wearing suitable protective clothing) pumps the handle up and down. Sludge rises up the vertical pipe and is expelled into the container. (Tilley et al., 2014)

6.2.4 Disposal of the sludge