12.1.2 Handwashing facilities

Handwashing facilities need to be constructed very close to all latrines and urinal blocks for use by students and teachers. The minimum requirement is a basin, a way to pour or run water over the hands, and soap. In urban Ethiopia, there are many models for handwashing stations: water taps with basins or troughs (Figure 12.2); buckets of water; and tippy taps (Figure 12.3). Remember that soap should always be available.

The greywater that results from the handwashing must be drained to a soakaway pit or septic tank (or sewer, if available). If there is enough space, it is possible to use greywater in a school garden to irrigate the vegetables.

Figure 12.2  New school latrine block with handwashing facilities.
Figure 12.3  Tippy taps are easily and cheaply made from an old plastic container and the plastic tube from a used pen.

12.1.1 Provision of improved latrines

12.1.3 Menstrual hygiene management