13.2.2 Affordability of improved sanitation

Affordability in the context of sanitation refers to the ability to pay for a sanitation product or service. If you were involved in a sanitation improvement project in your woreda it would be very important to identify the number of households who cannot afford to buy sanitation facilities in a single payment. In most cases these will be people living in slum areas or the urban poor. Discussions with these households should be held to determine how much they can afford to pay every month and then help should be given to them to arrange a loan from their local micro-finance organisation.

  • If the total cost (including any credit charges) for a circular latrine slab is 260 birr, how much will a household have to repay every month if the payment agreement with local micro-finance is to pay this off within 12 months?

  • The repayment for this household is 260 divided by 12 = 21.67 birr per month

Affordability and payment schedules would be included in project planning and considered with other financial matters in negotiation with the Woreda WASH Steering Committee, private sector organisations and other stakeholders.

13.2.1 Creating demand for improved sanitation

13.2.3 Willingness to pay for sanitation services