3.1 Making it happen

Writing plans is always the easiest part of any change; making them happen can be much more difficult. If you are working in the Indian education system, then your starting point for change will be the relevant institution such as the SCERT, DIET or university. In other contexts you will be working with different organisations and institutions, but you still need to consider these – without the endorsement and involvement of the institutions, it will not be possible to achieve systemic, sustainable change.

In the next activity you consider how you might go about initiating these changes and the actions you might take.

Activity 6.3: Taking forward your plans

Timing: Allow approximately 1 hour

Using your ideas from Activity 6.1 decide on the actions you will need to take to incorporate OER into your teacher education programmes. These will depend on your role and context, but you will need to plan the following: 

  • Which institutions will be involved?
  • Who will you need to talk to about the integration of the OER? (This will usually be the senior staff in the institution or organisation.) 
  • Who will you work with to integrate the OER?
  • Which OER will you use?
  • How will you evaluate the outcomes of integration of the OER?
  • What other actions will you include in your plan? This might include developing a timeline for completing key goals.

[Reading matter icon] Record your answers to the questions in your notebook to help you develop your plan. Talk to colleagues and draft a plan. Over the next few weeks try to take forward these actions to incorporate OER into your teacher education activity.

3 Developing a plan for integration

4 Reviewing your learning