4 Reviewing your learning

The intention of this MOOC was to take you on a professional learning journey to explore how OER can support improvements in teaching. The starting point was the aspiration that student-centred teaching and learning should become routine in Indian classrooms to lead to better learning outcomes for students. OER provide tools to help teachers develop these teaching and learning processes in their classrooms and teacher educators have a key role in mediating and facilitating the use of OER by teachers.

  • In Week 1 you articulated your vision for learning. You were introduced to OER in general and the principles underpinning the TESS-India programme.
  • Week 2 introduced TESS-India’s Key Resources and helped you to recognise what active learning looks like in practice, and the skills that teachers need to implement active learning in their classrooms.
  • In Week 3, you focused on your role as a teacher educator and how you might use video with teachers and student teachers.
  • Week 4 provided the opportunity to look at TESS-India OER in depth, to explore and start to use the OER to model active learning in your own teaching and encouraged you to make an action plan for your own professional development.
  • In Week 5 you considered OERs and how these can be used to meet learning needs.
  • In Week 6, you looked at how you might involve colleagues in order to incorporate TESS-India OER and put more emphasis on active learning in your teacher education programme.

Activity 6.4: Assignment 6 – Course quiz

Timing: Allow approximately 30 minutes

Now test your understanding of the key ideas in this MOOC by trying the final quiz [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]   (16 questions). This is part of your portfolio of participation.

Activity 6.5: Course reflection

Timing: Allow approximately 20 minutes

You have nearly completed this MOOC – congratulations! We hope that this has inspired you to incorporate the pedagogical practices explored in your work with teachers through using OER. 

This final task invites you to reflect on what you have learned and identify how you will take this work forward; a professional completion of the MOOC. 

[Reading matter icon] First, think back over the last six weeks. Write down a few sentences to capture the three most significant things that you have learned through this MOOC. These might relate to student-centred, participatory teaching, OER or your own professional development. 

Finally, note the three most important actions you will take or changes you will make in relation to your work with teachers as you go forward. 

3.1 Making it happen

5 Moving forward