Thinking about Open: Reusable workshop pack

29 November 2016 - 4:27pm • by Beck Pitt

The first Opening Educational Practices in Scotland (OEPS) reusable workshop pack was released in November 2016. This CC BY licensed pack contains resources, information and suggestions on how to run a workshop exploring openness and open practice at your institution or organisation. 

Developed by researchers Beck Pitt and Bea de los Arcos the workshop was facilitated at a variety of college and higher education institutions across Scotland during 2015 and 2016: 

Thinking About Open is a half-day workshop exploring what openness and open educational practices are. The workshop aims to help instigate discussion at your organisation on how openness could make a difference to your own practices whilst acting as a springboard for further discussion on the practicalities of open practice. The workshop utilises a range of case studies and examples of openness to help facilitate discussion.

This workshop is aimed at anyone with an interest in finding out more about openness and how it can make a difference to their own practice. [REF]

The workshop pack comprises four parts: 

Read the blog post announcing the pack's launch.

If you use this pack please share how you've used it by tweeting @OEPScotland, @BeckPitt and @celTatis 

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