Learning Design: Reusable workshop pack

During the course of the OEPS project the project team worked with organisations from both the informal and formal learning sectors to co-create new openly licensed courses. In the course of this the team developed and refined an approach to Learning Design that was central to the success of these initiatives.   


The workshop was constructed to enable organisations to think through the issues involved in creating a new openly licensed course. It can also be adapted to help with the process of designing new practice-based initiatives.  The workshop design draws on ideas from design thinking and participatory design (see the report by Ronald Macintyre in the OEPS collection – ‘Open Educational Practices in Design Production and Use).  It aims to provide a framework within which assumptions and motivation can be shared and made explicit, and where student needs and context is prioritised.  In the process educational practice (pedagogy) is foregrounded.  Technology is a means to an end. 


The workshop materials are licensed as CC BY 4.0 and are free to revise and remix.  The materials comprise a Powerpoint workshop template and accompanying notes and guidance.

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