2.2. Ves Graduation Ceremony

The training of the student - which started at a very young age is continued for over a period of 10 - 15 years. In order to be accepted as a fully-fledged Kandyan dancer, students should be well versed in the dance, at least one of the many rituals. There will be a graduation ceremony for students, only after they acquire a reasonable knowledge in the performance of the ritual, Kohomba Kankariya. 

The sacred headgear of Kandyan Ves dancer before Ves Graduation

This graduation ceremony (for male dancers) is called Ves Bandima which literally translates to wearing of the Ves, which is the sacred headgear of the Kandyan dancer. Students are called upon to show their skill and the level of their achievement at this ceremony. The performance typically takes place within the premises of a Buddhist temple, in the austere presence of renowned exponents of the dance, the Sangha (Buddhist monks), and the general public. Each student is then accepted as a full-fledged dancer both among Paramparas and the general public. 

Activity (Optional)
Watch initiation of Ves dancers graduation ceremony (10mins) by clicking on the following link: 

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