2.3. Sacred Ves Costume

The sacred Ves costume, called Su-Seta Abharana, meaning 64 ornaments is traditionally only worn by the male Kandyan dancers. 

The most striking feature of the costume is the elaborate head gear - a crown-like ornament that is made up of a silver tiara, a forehead plate and seven stylised silver spokes shaped like rays (3). A long ribbon, 45 inches long, trails from the conical top knot of this headgear (2). 

The Ves dance is so rich with tradition that there are even rituals associated with the process of draping the pleated white cloth (14 - 15) that drapes the lower half of the dancer's body. Together with the Thodupath (6), the mango-shaped ornaments covering the dancer's ear; the Devuramalaya (7), the cobra shaped sheaths over the arms; and the Arulheraya (11), the ornamental ivory and bead chains which decorate the chest; the Ves dancer is an awe-inspiring sight even before he dances his first step. 

Ves Costume labelled

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