3.3. Dancing to the Drummer

Regardless of the drum being played, whether to accompany Kandyan dancers or other type of dance, the drummer is traditionally dressed the same. He wears a white ankle-length cloth, bound tightly at the waist with a wide red sash. A thin, silver-link chain goes over the sash and around his neck is a beautiful embroidered collar. A thread is draped across his chest, and he wears a tightly wound White turban accented with red on his head. His ears are covered with long, ornamented silver earrings. 

Kandyan Dancer and Drummers

At times, he carries a conch-shell with him, typically blown out loudly at the start of Magul Bera. Thes rhythms of the auspicious drums signal the beginning of many Sinhala rituals. Before the dancers begin their performance, they bow and greet the drummers. In rituals, it is common to see the drummers lined up behind the dancers in formation. 

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