Meet the OU Cisco ASC team ...

Who, whom, why and what!

We are a small yet well formed team, with only two members working full time for the Open University and all others associated with the organisation in different capacities.

From start to end we have:

  • Andrew Smith Senior Lecturer in Networking (full time) - leading the OU Cisco ASC and ITC
  • Dr Amel Bennaceur Senior Lecturer in Computing (full time) - leading the OU Cisco CA
  • Kevin Large - World Skills Deputy Chief Expert - leading the ITQ/ITC training and ASC support
  • Paul Wallin - freelance academic - leading ASC support
  • David Anderson - hub leader and schools expert
  • Jason Trott / Robert Spragg - both doing clever things behind the scenes



Last modified: Tuesday, 15 September 2020, 5:27 PM