Getting started

Preparing for this quiz

All of the information and background you need to complete this quiz is available on the SFIA website.  In particular, there is a PowerPoint presentation on the SFIA website which summarizes the key principles of SFIA and 'how it works'. However, you may need to complement this presentation by browsing additional pages on the SFIA website, starting from "SFIA Guiding Principles"

Alternatively, you may gain the understanding you need to complete this quiz by attending a short "SFIA awareness" course, provided by your organisation or by a SFIA consultant.

The quiz contains 9 multiple-choice questions.

Scoring - Important - read this!

  • Some of the answer choices are partly correct, while others will be either correct or incorrect.  Partly correct answers will be awarded a fraction of the marks available for the question.

  • You can "check" any answer you select before finishing the question.  This will give you feedback for your selected answer, indicating whether your answer is correct, incorrect or partly correct.  Note, however, you will not score full marks on a question if the first answer you check is incorrect.

  • You may try up to three answers for each question.  The maximum mark for the second and third attempts at a question will be 2/3 and 1/3 of the total available for the question.

Completing the quiz

  • You can return to any question that you have yet to answer correctly to amend your answer, up to the limit of three answer checks per question.

  • Once you have answered all of the questions, you can "finish the attempt", and you will see your overall score.

  • You can have three attempts at the whole quiz to achieve a passing score. Please note you may see different questions on each attempt.

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