Next steps

Applying your SFIA knowledge

When you have completed the SFIA fundamentals quiz, your 'next steps' depend on your role and your reason for learning about SFIA.  The SFIA Foundation website has a wealth of support for all users.

You may wish to explore the SFIA framework by self-assessing your own skills.  If you are in an organisation that is adopting SFIA, you should be invited to take a self-assessment as part of the skills-management process.  As an individual, you can take a SFIA self-assessment either using an online tool or just by browsing the SFIA framework yourself.  Guidelines on SFIA self-assessment are here:  

If you are considering a skills management framework for your organisation – or if you are driving the implementation of a SFIA-based framework – visit this page for tools and resources to help you on your journey: 

If you are keen to develop yourself further as a SFIA skills-management professional, visit this page for ways to validate your experience by gaining SFIA accreditation:

Last modified: Tuesday, 28 November 2023, 3:18 PM