Design and Innovation + what complementary subject?

Design and Innovation + ?

Design and Innovation + ?

There are many subjects that complement design which may be of interest to you. To guide you through we have created recommended 'Themes'. Although flexibility is possible we strongly recommend following a theme, so that you build up your knowledge and skills in the complementary subject. 

Please note, particularly for the BSc, you are advised to check whether there is a need for prior study by visiting the "Entry Requirements" tab on the module description before choosing a module. If you enrol for the degree you will have access to a qualification Study website that gives more information and access to an interactive tool to help you to choose your complementary subject.

The BA recommended themes are:
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Management
  • Society
  • Culture and aesthetics
  • Sustainability
The BSc recommended themes are: 
  • Engineering 
  • Environment

  • Energy 

  • Interfaces and interaction 

The BSc themes are all accredited by the Institute of Engineering Designers for Incorporated Engineer (IEng) status.

On the Design and Innovation qualification website you can find more information including an interactive diagram that helps you to see more about potential routes of study

Qualification site home page:

Qualification site, Choosing your modules page:


Certificate and Diploma of Design and Innovation

The Design and Innovation qualification allows you to claim intermediate qualifications if you are unable to complete the full degree. If you have 120 credits of study at Stage 1 you can claim the Certificate of Higher Education (T37) and if you complete both Stages 1 and 2 you can claim the Diploma in Higher Education (W73). Should you wish to resume your studies to complete the degree at a later date it is possible to trade in these qualifications in order to do so. You are strongly advised to follow the advice and themes for the BA or BSc in choosing modules for these intermediate qualifications to ensure that, should you wish to continue your studies, your choices make this simple.

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