Design Inspirations

To get a feel for the world of design you might like to follow some of the following links. You will see that there is a range of areas in which design thinking is used, from graphics and products right up to organisational change, sustainability and global challenges. If you come across some other interesting design and innovation links share them with other people on the Meet and Chat forum.

  • The Design Council UK – this institution has promoted design in the UK for more than 50 years
  • Open IDEO – IDEO is a design company that also puts time into trying to find solutions for complex social problems, this site has some challenges that might interest and inspire you
  • The Centre for Sustainable Design – this site has resources and news about sustainable design and innovation
  • Design Week – a UK design magazine with lots of interesting articles and projects
  • Dezeen - a European design magazine 
  • Core77 - an American design magazine with lots of interesting information about design including videos of maker projects
  • Doors of Perception – an interesting site which discusses design and ecological thinking

A range of art materials, crayons and pastels

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